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5 Essential Components of a Wastewater Collection System

Plumberbrookvale Wastewater Collection System

After flushing your toilet, the sewage would undergo certain processes and will be conveyed by various kinds and components of a wastewater assemblage system. These constituents would carry sewages from households, buildings and industries. This is not the path undergone by storm water though, because storm waters are rainwater and snow melts which are typically discharged into a flood plain and then finally, into a nearby body of water.

Every day, we tend to use our toilets and drainage system. But, have you ever wondered where these wastewaters are heading? Are they gone for good?

Here are the possible paths and wastewater collection system components the usually convey wastewater.

1. Lift or Pump Stations

Lift or pump station is very necessary especially to gravity sewer system. This is because when pipes are laid in an inadequate or unserviceable declivity, the sewage won’t be efficiently conveyed thus, the necessity for lift station would arise. Their primary function is to elevate the sewages into a specific height to continue their velocity.

2. Manholes

Manholes are intentionally created and designed to create a quick and convenient access towards the sewers and piping systems. They are created due to the constant need to test, investigate, monitor and maintain the sewers. These are commonly located in areas where pipe intersects or the change in direction, elevation and size occurs.

3. Ventilation

Ventilation is specifically created to provide the drainage system with decent air purification especially those that are located in urban areas. This is to prevent the formation of explosive gas within the sewers and drainage system.

4. Sewers

Typically, these are the pipes that carry and convey the wastewater coming from your households, buildings and industries. After draining or flushing your toilet, sewers describe the path undergone by the wastewater for them to leave your home. Yet there are many pipes that compose your sewer assembly. They may vary in size and material but all of them are supposed to carry wastewater and convey them to their final destination. They must be connected to each other to ensure that the wastewater is conveyed efficiently without leakage and unnecessary sewage escapade. Here are the sewers and the pipe constituents that composes your wastewater assemblage.

  • Building sewers
  • They are commonly called property service connections as they are the primary pipe connected from households and industries. These pipes are privately owned and it is the owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair them in case of sewer troubles. These sewers may either be connected to the municipal pipe system or to the main wastewater treatment plants.

  • Lateral/Branch sewers
  • These are the main constituents of a municipal sewer system’s upper ends. They may be located and are usually found in some easements and ends in their upstream and the branch sewer collects or conveys wastewater from numerous lateral sewers.

  • Main sewers
  • The main sewers are where lateral and branch sewers are connected. This has a larger diameter compared to that of the building, lateral and branch sewers. This collects the wastewater carried by the aforementioned piping system coming from a certain residence or a densely populated area. They may either convey this wastewater into a larger sewer or directly convey them into a lift station or treatment plants.

  • Trunk sewers
  • Trunk sewers are a collection of main sewers. They collect and transport wastewater from various residences and household collections. They must be of large diameter as they convey wastewater basically with a bigger volume.

  • Interceptor sewers
  • These pipes are the ones with the largest diameter as they collect and convey wastewater from a collection of trunk sewers. This is the final pipe path undergone by wastewater and they would then be finally conveyed into a lift station or a treatment plant.

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