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Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation Techniques


There are a lot of rehabilitation techniques these days. However, most home owners would prefer to have their sanitary sewer system rehabilitated at a reduced cost and disruptions. In this situation, many trenchless technologies are invented and developed for the rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system. Here are some of the rehabilitation techniques that are widely used.

Cured-In-Place-Pipe Technique

The cured-in-place-pipe method is probably one of the most effective technique for a sanitary sewer system rehabilitation. In this technique, a resin-impregnated felt tube is inserted into the damaged sewer pipe and is cured with the use of hot water. Once the liner pipe is repaired and installed, a cutting device that is remote controlled with a closed circuit TV camera is used to open again the service connections. This method is suitable for sewer pipes that have severe damages such as cracked pipes, offset joints and lost pipe segments. This is also applicable for lines with multiple bends.

Deform or Reform Liner Pipe Technique

Deform/reform liner pipe consists of a high-density polyethylene. While in the manufacturing process, the liner pipe is forced out into a round shape. The round pipe is disfigured through the mixture of heat, pressure and wound on spools which are prepared for installation. In the installation process, the deformed round pipe is pulled off the spool and is inserted in the current pipe by a manhole through the use of an electric winch. When in place, the steam under pressure or hot water is pushed inside the deformed pipe to make the soft and reform it afterwards. Just like the CIPP method, it is also necessary to reopen the service connection by the use of a remotely controlled cutting device that has a closed-circuit TV camera. This rehabilitation technique is suitable for straight sewer pipe segments that have few or no service laterals.

Fold and Formed Liner Pipe Technique

This technique is made up of a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) where the liner pipe is thrown out in a folded shape in the process of manufacturing. While the folded pipe is still flexible, it is wound onto spools. In the process of installation, an electric winch is used to insert the folded pipe into the existing pipe through the manhole. With the help of the steam under pressure or hot water, the folded pipe is unfolded. It is also required to reopen the service connections with the use of a cutting device that remote-controlled that comes with a closed-circuit TV camera. This technique is suitable for rehabilitating straight sewer pipes.

Slip Liner Pipe Technique

The slip lining process is where a round pipe is inserted into the existing pipe. These pipes are mainly made of polyethylene, fibreglass reinforced polyester and PVC. In the installation process, the liner pipe is either pulled or pushed into the current pipe via excavated section of the pipe. The circular pipe between the liner and existing pipe is filled with a chemical-based grout or cement. Service connections are restored through excavation or reconnection with the use of some similar accessories. This rehabilitation technique is suitable for sewer pipes that have a large diameter and few or no service laterals. It is also applicable for a pipe that has waste water flow that is not hard to divert.

Pipe Bursting Technique

This technique is done by breaking the existing pipe and inserting the replacement pipe with the same or greater diameter. In the installation process, a cone-shaped tool is moved into the pipe that needs replacement. The cone-shaped tool destroys the current pipe then pushes the pieces of fragments into the surrounding ground. The tool then installs the new pipe in place as the old pipe is bursting. The bursting tool used in this process has a bit bigger outside diameter compared to the new pipe. It also has a larger diameter compared to the interior diameter of the existing pipe. Service connections are re-established by excavating and reconnecting with the aid of various methods which includes mechanical saddles. This rehabilitation technique is applicable in areas that have an existing sewer pipe which is too small to handle

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